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Landscape Maintenance
There's no maintenance job too big or too small. Our landscape maintenance service is billed a simple hourly rate plus disposal. Inquire for more details.

Lawn Renovation
We offer lawn repair done right. We'll amend the soil, sow the seed, apply a special fertilizer and top it off with planting straw.

Tree Trimming
We offer tree care services for ornamental trees as part of our bed maintenance program.

Pond/Water Feature Service
Draining. Cleaning. Filling. Pump replacement. Plumbing repair. You name it and we'll get our feet wet.

Mulch, Mulch, Mulch
Fresh mulch can be the face lift your landscape needs. Topdress your beds every year to help combat weeds, promote plant health, and compliment the scenery. View our mulch here.

Premium Landscape Materials
All of our materials from mulch to plants to topsoil come from reputable suppliers with whom we have formed established relationships. The products we provide you are screened for disease and insects. Can your "other guy" say the same?

Poison Ivy Removal
Our teams are specially trained in the removal of poison ivy, deadly nightshade, and invasive plants such as buckthorn, mulberry, and more. Let us remove your hazardous and invasive plants before they become a bigger problem.

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